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Simple guidelines for creating an industry focused, engineering resume.


  • Page Size: US letter for US and Canada, A4 for the rest of the world
  • Page Margins: 0.5 inches on all sides
  • Number of Pages: โŒŠ1+n/10โŒ‹ \lfloor 1 + n/10 \rfloor page(s), where nn is the number of years of experience
  • Word Count: 350+ words
  • Font Size: 10 points (10pt)1
  • Font Weight: Bold (700) for sub-section heading2, Regular (400) for all other text
  • Section Spacing: Half a line (0.5rem)


  • Location: City, State for US and Canada, City, Country for the rest of the world
  • Date Format: Month YYYY - Month YYYY for work, Month YYYY for education
  • Bullet Points: Use โ€ข (U+2022) for bullet points
  • University Name: Use the full name of the university, without abbreviations



  1. If a resume needs 11 points font to fill a page, it is too short. 9 points is the lowest acceptable font size. โ†ฉ

  2. This is typically key information such as university name or company name โ†ฉ